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Calmato 40 Sports
No.11215GB (green)
No.11215RB (red)
No.11215YB (yellow)
No.11215BL (blue)

Kyosho Calmato 40 Sport series in 4 color available
Kyosho Calmato 40 Sport series in 4 color available
Kyosho Calmato 40 Sport series in 4 color available

Calmato Sports

Now that you've mastered your Calmato Trainer 40, what's the next step? Although you may be eager for that P-51 or Extra acrobat, they are very unforgiving, and inexperienced pilots can get in trouble very quickly. To develop the reflexes necessary to fly these high-performance machines, an intermediate low-wing trainer/sport airplane would he the logical next step.

The Kyosho Calmato Sports is an excellent choice for a second plane. It has a generous wing area, a constant-chord wing, a symmetrical airfoil, long-moment arms and tricycle landing gear. The symmetrical airfoil gives it good aeronautic potential because it makes inverted flying easy. The constant-chord wing produces predictable stall characteristics, allowing the plane to slow without fear of tip-stalling. The generous wing area and long-moment anus produce smooth, stable flight.

The kit The Calmato Sports is also part of Kyosho's SQS ARF series and is constructed similarly to the Trainer 40. As with the Trainer 40, the Sports ARF has a high degree of prefabrication and doesn't require any glue. The planes are available in red, green, yellow and blue trim schemes. Since the construction is similar, we will focus on the differences between the Sports version and Trainer 40.

Wing as on the Trainer 40, is done by epoxiening the wing halves together instead of using the adhesive tape. As the main landing gear is in the wing, nylon straps and screws secure the landing gear. Again, the wheels are attached at the factory.

Fuselage: The only difference here is canopy installation. Apply the neat instrument panel decal and canopy trim tape (both supplied) and add a pilot figure from The World Models. The very attractive tinted canopy is held in place by four screws. Place the battery under the fuel tank, and this bring the CG to the correct location without any added weight.


The Kyosho Sports is stable yet maneuverable; in other words, it's a "go where you point it" airplane. The Sports looks good, and like the Trainer 40, it is well built and light. Those who have recently graduated from their high-wing trainers will learn new acrobatic maneuvers easily, and experienced pilots will find this plane an excellent all-around Sunday flyer. Master the Kyosho Calmato Sports, and you'll be able to handle just about any airplane.

The perfect introduction to low-flight wing!
You’ll enjoy the ideal 40-size flight performance.
Delivers the excellent stability and reliable control typical of large 40-class trainers, and lowers the hurdles to flying low-wing airplanes. In addition, no gluing is required in the highly detailed finish with completed fuel tank piping so is not only an easy choice for beginners, but also makes an excellent second airplane for experienced fliers.
Features ultra-stable take-off and landing characteristics. Easy control attributes make light stunt work an absolute pleasure. As the next step up from high-wing airplanes, the Calmato 40 Sports is an obvious choice!
  • Engine room has been coated in glow fuel resistant paint for extra durability.
  • Difficult to manage knock-pins are already installed. Tighten the wing bolt to securely fix the main wing.
  • 3-point undercarriage realizes exceptional take-off and landing stability. Performs lighthearted stunts and has excellent stall characteristics.
  • Factory assembled kit includes balsa main fuselage pre-covered in film.
  • No epoxy or gluing required. Left/right main wings are connected with a metal pin and fixed with tape.
  • Tail wing is secured simply by screwing in two bolts.
  • Rudder horns and linkage pipes are all installed. Tires are also attached.
  • Factory assembled fuselage also has difficult to manage fuel tank lines installed.
  • Open engine room gives great access for maintenance.
  • Choose between kit with GX40 engine, or kit without engine. Required for operation (Not included):
  • Radio Control System /4channel with 4 servos
  • Engine/2 Cycle .40 - .46 Class(for the no egnine version)
  • Propeller / D12xP6(for the no engine version)
  • Spinner Nut 52mm
  • Engine Starting Equipment, Fuel
  • Technical Data
    Wingspan 1,550 mm
    Wing Area 43.4 dm˛
    Length 1,400 mm
    Weight (approx.) 2,400 - 2,600 g
    Wing Load 55.3-56 g/dm˛
    Wing Type original semi-symmetrical

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