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Tamiya 56014 RC M4 Sherman 105mm Howitzer
RC M4 Sherman 105mm Howitzer

Tamiya 56014 RC M4 Sherman 105mm Howitzer
Product ID TA56014
Manufacturer Tamiya
ISBN 4950344560141
Tamiya 56014 RC M4 Sherman 105mm Howitzer
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Tamiya 56014 RC M4 Sherman 105mm Howitzer
This is the TA56014 RC M4 Sherman 105mm Howitzer Full Option Kit from Tamiya. Last year, Tamiya released the amazing Tiger I Early Production Full-Option Complete Kit as a culmination of decades of military model and R/C experience. This year, it is the M4 Sherman that rolls out of Tamiya's R/C Tank factory. Tamiya's all new M4 Sherman 105mm Howitzer tank has been designed for maximum ease-of-use and for control by either a 2-channel or 4-channel R/C system.
Since Tamiya is behind this R/C M4 Sherman, authenticity in scale, body detailing, and working suspension goes without saying. Acoustic authenticity is also high on the score sheet, through the digitally recorded sounds of a real Continental R975-C4 9-cylinder engine, which roars from the bowls of the tank as it runs. And speaking of the running, you will be able to recreate all the speed and nimbleness of the full-sized M4 Sherman with state-of-the-art R/C technology.
Finally, with the addition of "Battle System" infrared tank scoring system, you can reenact one of the most classic military clashes of all time-Tiger vs. Sherman. Though the U.S. was decisively winning in the latter stages of WWII, there remained concern about the inferiority of the Sherman tank in firepower and armor protection to the German Tiger and Panther. It was said that the U.S. had matched the superior quality of the German tanks only by superior quantities of American tanks. And this was largely true. The Sherman did not fare well in tank-to-tank slugging matches with their giant German counterparts-shells often harmlessly bounced off the thick German armor. Interestingly enough, before entering the war, the U.S. did develop some extremely heavy tanks, but later switched to lighter tanks for the following reasons.
The U.S. tanks had to be transported by ship from Detroit, across a vast ocean to land amphibiously on enemy shores. This reality placed great limitations on the size and weight of the tanks. Especially with the frequent U-boat sinkings, the number of U.S. ships was dropping, and the bigger the tank, the fewer a ship could carry.
Another factor that faced the U.S. was moving their armor over bridgeless streams. The U.S. Air Force was targeting enemy bridges as a means of disrupting enemy supply lines, etc. Once these bridges were destroyed, U.S. tanks would have to cross the streams on temporary bridges. Heavy tanks could not have crossed, but the lightweight and nimble Shermans could.
Also, while the Tiger and Panther were made bigger and more powerful than the Sherman was, they were comparatively slow and ponderous. The German tanks were often used as pill-boxes, forced to become immobile and fire at oncoming armor. On the other hand, the Sherman was designed for deep thrusts into the enemy's rear, where it would destroy supply installations and communications. This demanded great speed and minimal fuel consumption.
But perhaps the greatest reason behind the success of the Sherman was its reliability-maximum performance and minimum care and replacement. General George Patten recognized this when he declared, "In mechanical endurance and ease of maintenance our tanks are infinitely superior to any other". This factor played out on the battlefield, allowing the Sherman to out-run, out-maneuver, and ultimately out-fight the Tiger and Panther.
With about 50,000 produced in all variations, the Sherman was the most widely produced tank during the war. The five major variants of the M4 to the M4A4 were designated by the hull and engine used. Although powerful and proven, its high center propeller shaft gave the hull a tall profile. Suspension was a rugged and simple design, known as VVSS (Vertical Volute Spring Suspension), with three units (or bogies) on each side, and each with two road wheels. The transmission was 5-speed forward plus reverse. Early production M4's had a 3-piece front transmission cover, and a cast one-piece steel turret mounting a 75mm main gun. For added protection, oblique armor plates were added to the turret, hull sides and just in front of the forward hull hatches. Production of the M4 began in July 1942, five months later than the cast hulled M4A1. One of the most powerful variants of the M4 Sherman was the 105mm howitzer equipped version, which provided valuable fire support for the U.S. Army and Marines as well as extensive use in anti-tank operations.
Specifications for M4 Sherman 105mm Howitzer

  • Overall length: 6.197m
  • Overall width: 2.67m
  • Overall height: 2.94m
  • Weight, Combat Loaded: 31.48t
  • Weight, Unstowed: 28.486t

Actual Thickness, Angle w/Vertical
Hull Thickness

  • Front: 63mm/47 degrees
  • Sides: 38mm/0 degrees
  • Rear: 38mm/10 degrees
  • Top: 19mm/83-90 degrees

Turret Thickness:

  • Front: 76mm/30 degrees
  • Sides: 51mm/0-5 degrees
  • Rear: 51mm/0 degrees
  • Top: 25.4mm/90 degrees
  • Gun Shield: 91mm/0 degrees

Armament: M4 105mm howitzer (X1), M1919A4 7.62mm machine gun (X2), M2 12.7mm heavy machine gun (X1).
Ammunition: 66 rounds 105mm, 4,000 rounds 7.62mm, 600 rounds 12.7mm.
Engine: Continental R975-C4 9-cylinder 4-cycle radial air cooled (15,945cc displacement, 460hp/2,400rpm output)
Maximum speed: 38.6hm/h
Cruising Range: about 161km
Crew: 5 2-Channel R/C System for Complete Range of Movement

  • Forward/reverse over wide range of speed.
  • Gradual turning, pivot turning, super pivot turning.
  • Rotation of turret, raising/lowering of cannon.
  • Illuminating head and taillights.
  • Cannon firing (w/light and sound effects).
  • Machine gun firing (w/light and sound effects).

Roar of the Continental R975-C4 9-cylinder Engine
All the power of the real Continental radial engine can be experienced on Tamiya's new R/C M4 Sherman tank. Listen to the deep start-up sound followed by throaty idling, and then hear the auto-choke activate as the engine kicks over. As you put the tank through its paces, the sound of the engine changes, just like the real M4 Sherman. Firing of the cannon, machine gun, raising/lowering of the cannon, etc.-all the action is linked with sound for an unbelievably realistic tank experience. Suddenly, you are the division commander all the power of the legendary U.S. tank is at your fingertips!
And if That's Not Enough...

  • Kit includes realistic tank commander figure in copula.
  • Finely recreated M2 machine gun mounted above cannon.
  • Abundant accessory parts including ammunition cases, K-rations, Jerry cans, etc.
  • Pre-assembled tracks included for smooth running.
  • Two Type-380 motors and two quality gearboxes included.

Separately Available Items
*Two-channel or four-channel(1/16 R/C M4 Sherman Upgrade to 4 Channels) RC unit is necessary to operate this kit. 7.2V Tamiya Racing Pack (or equivalent) and charger are also required.
Suggested Paint Colors

  • TS-5 - Olive Drab
  • X-10 - Gun Metal
  • X-11 - Chrome Silver
  • X-27 - Clear Red
  • XF-1 - Flat Black
  • XF-15 - Flat Flesh
  • XF-49 - Khaki
  • XF-52 - Flat Earth
  • XF-56 - Metallic Grey
  • XF-57 - Buff
  • XF-60 - Dark Yellow
  • XF-62 - Olive Drab
  • XF-64 - Red Brown

#53447 Battle System (Available Separately)
This system incorporates infrared light and realistic sound, eliminating the difficulty in judging, often found with other tank-to-tank games. Furthermore, infrared light is totally harmless and prevents damage to details of the tank body. The system is comprised of the GFS (Gun Fire Simulator) Unit and the Infrared LED Unit, for the respective detection and emission of infrared beams. A wide range of sound effects and actions are reproduced...
1/16 Scale Tank Kits Require:

  • 4ch Radio sys.
  • Charger
  • Battery Pack
  • Model Paint
  • 8 x AA batteries
  • Glue
  • Tools
  • (unless stated differently above)
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