Marklin Maerklin Trix Minitrix Preiser Vollmer Faller Brawa model trains & radio control from Kyosho Tamiya Traxxas HPI CEN OFNA Revell Hobbico Helimax and others. Trains made by Marklin Trix Minitrix Brawa and building kits made by Vollmer and Faller. Figures by Preiser and many others for your European Model Train Layout. Models and radio control hobbies, plastic and wood models, cars, trucks, boats, airpalnes, helicopters and much more

The largest Marklin Trains & Trix Minitrix Direct Importer/exporter Worldwide.
Tamiya Authorized Distributor in USA & Latin America & Kyosho Authorized.

Micro Macro Mundo Inc.
Founded in 1986 in Miami Florida U.S.A.

Our OLD Store in Pictures
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YES, this is something that has to be seen to believe it.

Many people ask if we are real, if we sell used stuff or how do we do to have such large stock and such low prices. Some times, they do not believe what we say, so we had no choice, we must publish a few pictures of our Miami Store.

The Store in Miami has 3 bays, 2 for Customers with rooms and walls of displays and one with our Warehouse.

At the beginning, we had the units displayed in their own boxes, but this made to lose some of the perspective of the units, so we have done a large investment to have each unit OUT of the box, behind glass, in a full display of our main Brands Marklin and Trix, all gauges from 1 gauge to Z gauge.

Vollmer and Faller, due the large volume they represent, are not on display, but we can show at any moment the box upon request as all the Stock is kept on the same warehouse inside the Store.

The front of the Store, is reserved for our large layout in HO.

A large parking lot is available for our Customers (over 100 cars) with access for disabled people just in front of our door.

We are located in one of the most popular corners in Miami, the corner of Sunset Drive and 117th. Avenue, just across BJ's.

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These pictures were taken on January 14th. 2004 and show in part our Store. If there are spots without products is due the sales of the just past Holiday season. Nothing has been arranged to show more than what really is, so this is what you will find when you come to see us in the Sunny Miami Florida.

Yes, the BMW's are ours.