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Marklin trains, HO Z and 1 gauge

Trix Trains in HO scale, made by Marklin in DC 2 rail

Minitrix Trains in N scale Trix minitrix

Roco European Model Trains in HO scale, the best in AC and DC plus DCC available

Bachmann model trains, starter sets, locomotives and rolling stock all can be found here

Kato model trains in HO and N scales for the American style modeler


Whalters main line, Proto-2000, Cornerstone and many more here

Vollmer model structures and buildings in HO and N gauge as well as Z gauge for Marklin Trains

Faller model buildings and estructures in HO N and Z gauge. For dioramas and layouts.

Kibri Manufacturer of buildings and structures, cars, cranes, moving vehicles and many other stuff

POLA a subsidiary of Faller GmbH manufactures G scale structures

Noch figures and accessories for your layout

Preiser figures and models finely hand painted in scales from 1.22 to 1.220

Viessmann catenary, lighting and signals and accessories are just the best and cheapest. 100% Marklin compatible. Digital for DCC and Motorola

When wood models is the issue, nobody makes better kits than Artesania Latina. You must try these and enjoy the results

Revell from Germany and also Monogram-Revell, the most populat Brand in teh World

Hasegawa models of first class quality, large selection of airplanes

Italery Italian manufacturer of plastic models exclusive models and OEM for Tamiya

trumpeter large scale models of warships including scales up to 1:200

Bandai Gundam Model kits

Tamiya complete line of products in plastic, radio control and accessories and paints.

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The History of Marklin (Marklin)


Marklin (Maerklin) presents the first system railroad: A windup locomotive with cars and an expandable track system.

Around 1900

On the basis of the Marklin (Maerklin) scales an international standard for the gauges and scales 0, I, II and III of that time were adopted.


With the new 20 volt system, the electric trains previously operated with standard household current are now safe for children.


With the "halving" of 0 Scale to H0 (half of zero), Marklin (Maerklin) expands the world of model railroading: The compact dimensions allow complete layouts as table top railroads. In addition, the three-rail track system makes for trouble-free setup and reliable operation.


The "perfect circuit" enables remote controlled direction reversing on Marklin (Maerklin) AC systems - a big step towards prototypical model railroad operation.


The first fully functional catenary expands operating enjoyment to include an additional, independently controlled track circuit.


Marklin (Maerklin)'s standard H0 coupler couples gently and reliably and keeps a train composition together. It is adopted by other manufacturers and later becomes NEM Standard 360.


Thanks to a realistic articulated frame, the new Marklin (Maerklin) CCS 800 Crocodile can also negotiate sharp curves.


Up to now the solid third rail has lain on top of the ties; now it is placed under the roadbed and only stud contacts stick up through the ties. This makes the three-rail track visually more acceptable to model railroaders and becomes a synonym for the Marklin (Maerklin) system.


The standard coupler is further developed into the RELEX coupler. It allows advance uncoupling over a new uncoupler track.


The TELEX coupler for switch engines takes couplers a step further. It enables remote controlled uncoupling anywhere on the layout.


The first sound effects circuit - a horn that can be retrofitted into locomotives - ends the silence of the latter.


With the K Track system Marklin (Maerklin) presents a track system without a roadbed. With flex track, large radius curves and turnouts it is quite suitable for an experienced model railroader's layout.


The new Marklin (Maerklin) 1 Gauge introduces a renaissance of the large gauge. A previously unknown level of detailing on regular production Marklin (Maerklin) models appeals to even the most demanding model railroaders.


The presentation of mini-club, the smallest mass produced electric train system in the world.


The time is past for the typical "goat's jump". Direction reversing for locomotives is now being done by an electronic circuit.


Marklin (Maerklin) Digital catapults model railroading directly into the electronic age. The digital signal processing - with electronic receiver circuits in each locomotive - makes it possible to have independent, multi-train operation.


The Marklin (Maerklin) Club of North America is established by Marklin (Maerklin), Inc.


The close coupler completes the visual appearance of the cars and locomotives by enabling prototypically close coupled train compositions. It is also compatible with the standard coupler.


A model highlight is the H0 Swedish train, constructed with real wood like the prototype. The bodies for the locomotive and cars are covered with wood panels. Super fine details demonstrate the high level of modeling technology.


The new digitally controlled, high-efficiency propulsion system allows you to set the maximum speed as well as the acceleration and braking delay for each locomotive as it would be for that unit's prototype.


With DELTA Marklin (Maerklin) brings out a multi-train system for small to medium size layouts - the simple entry into digital.


The Marklin (Maerklin) Insider Club is established. Model railroaders with a strong commitment to their hobby gain access to still more information and to special, exclusive models.


With MAXI, the toy and adventure railroad for indoors and outdoors, Marklin (Maerklin) brings the art of sheet metal toys back to life. The sturdy construction and the large scale of 1 Gauge also make Maxi the ideal garden railway - fully compatible with the standard 1 Gauge equipment.


The new C Track system combines the operational advantages of the three rail track with extremely easy "click" assembly, prototypical appearance, and modular setup.


Marklin (Maerklin) Digital is expanded further. A signal module and controllable locomotive functions bring new prototypical functions to the operation of a layout.


For the 25th anniversary of mini-club Marlin builds a steam locomotive with a body of pure 18 carat gold. This special, exclusive model is enthusiastically accepted by Z Gauge fans.


A high point of the reproduction series is the carriage that comes about in cooperation with Heidi Ott (dolls), Hutschenreuther (porcelain horses) and Marklin (Maerklin) (carriage).


A new concept for starter sets with track extension sets and a premium digital starter set make it even more appealing to enter the world of model railroading.


Marklin (Maerklin) celebrates its 140th anniversary with a model of the Stork's Leg, the first Marklin (Maerklin) locomotive.


Marklin (Maerklin) keeps their leadership in the European Model trains industry as the number 1 Manufacturer in the World. The new millennium has brought many improvements including the new Digital System, new FMX decoders and locomotives that automatically send back information to the Central units for identification and functions available to it as well as a large improvement on new locomotives designs and schemes.

The acquisition of Trix Minitrix is a total success and Marklin is also taking a predominant position on the Market for DC ( 2 rail operation) and N scale model trains.

C track is now the standard and has replaced completely the old M metal track and it is also available for DC operation under Trix box.

2008 May

Marklin Inc. abandons the USA market passing its Distribution to a train Distributor located in Wisconsin 

2009 February

Marklin GmbH files for bankruptcy after inability to pay a 50 million Euros loan and deny from Banks to renew their credit lines based on "too often and too many changes on the high management and too much money paid to Consultants"


The largest Marklin Trains & Trix Minitrix Direct Importer/exporter Worldwide.

These are the items to be released during Fall of 2022

2022 Summer New Items

These are new announcements for Summer 2022

Clearance Sale

On this category you will find a large array of products, all Brand new, original boxes, tested, at incredible discounts.

Model Trains

Model Trains from Marklin, Trix, Minitrix, Brawa, Fleischmann and others. This category also consists of Digital Components and accessories, Buildings and stuctures from Faller, Vollmer, Kibri, and Pola; signals and catenary by Viessmann plus many other items in all Scales: HO, N, 1 and Z gauge as well as G scale. Car system from Faller and static models from Vollmer and Model Power. The incredible Preiser finishes this category with its impressive selection of Model Figures in all scales, hand painted and a few waiting to be painted.

Model Figures

Here you will find Preiser, the number 1 World Manufacturer of fine Model Figures of Humans and Animals as well as accessories in all scales. With a wide range of models, hand painted and with great detail, the selection of products on this line will satisfy the most demanding model ship builder.

Noch Model Figures & accessories

Noch Model Figures & accessories. Extensive assortment in figures all scales, scenery, pre-form layouts, accessories for constructions of dioramas and layouts, etc.

Buildings & Structures, Decor, landscape, etc.

Here you will find all sort of buildings, structures, accessories, trees, bushes and all what myou may think to create of add to your layout or diorama. All Brands included same as all gauges...

Listed in this cateogry are all those special and unique items; normally one time runs, very rare and hard to get. Produced in limited quantities, these items will not last long. Some are kept in our store for demo and display purposes and for the enjoymet of our many visitors.
Buildings Trees signals accessories and more

There is a FALLER, Kibri or Vollmer product on virtually every model railway layout. Our house and building selection is enriched by fascinating miniature worlds, the car system and an extensive range of accessories. Apart from the products for the model railways in the various track gauges (HO, N, TT, Z and G), you can also dive into other fascinating worlds of models with our brands. Thanks to internationally renowned brand products which are sold exclusively by FALLER, Vollmer, Kibri and others, whether construction kits or ready-made models, an illustrious spectrum of various themes, types and scales awaits you.

Faller Car System
We bring movement onto the streets of the model layouts. Slowly but surely it is also capturing the hearts of many model railway fans.
Because the fact is - the more movement there is on the layout the more appealing and exciting the whole thing is. You can find all products for the Car System in this area.
Schuco Models

Schuco Models

Plastic Model Kits
Find here the Static Model Kits from Tamiya, Revell, Trumpeter, Italeri, Hasegawa and many others. These kits to be assembled include models of: Military items, Tanks, Soldiers, Airplanes, Ships, Tall ships, Boats, Cars, Trucks, Formula 1, Visible Motors and Space among others exclusive items in this category
Radio Control Products

Radio Control Products Cars & Trucks, Airplanes, Helicopters, Boats, Yachts, Radios and accessories for radio control


Drones and quadcopers. Large selection of Drones from quadcopters till ectacopters

GeniuSeries Educational Kits

Educational Construction This series of craft projects was designed to introduce the use of basic craft tools to the newcomer hobbyist and provide them with an action filled finished product. Each kit illustrates by doing, the many methods of using motor power to activate a model and teaches the fundamentals of mechanics used in transportation. Each kit is complete, except for batteries.

Elecraft Series Electric craft series provides a wide range of parts for any kind of project involving electricity. You can construct a variety of electric models in combination with these reliable switches and cords. Kit such as Line Tracing Snail Kit contains all required electric parts for educational fun.

Robocraft Series This series consists mainly of robots with mechanical and unique movement realized via motor. Colored clear body and clear gearbox enable demonstration of mechanical functions. Tools are supplied and no cement is required for easy assembly. Rubber tubing allows easy wiring. The see-through look, itself makes this model quite the cool-looking desk ornament.

Solar Mechanics Series This series introduces the builder to solar cell technology in a hobby craft kit. In addition to the basic assembly kit, individual solar panels and specially developed motors are available separately from Tamiya.

Technicraft Series The technicraft series consists of construction items that will motivate or illuminate your models or craft projects to a degree of sophistication that will amaze you.

Paint, Brushes & Finishes

The largest selection of paint, brushes, tools and accessories to finish your model ot to make it real. Tamiya with their best line of Paints and finishing tools is our main Vendor in this Category, however, many other Vendors has products that will match the quality we require to be part of our Database...

Wood Models, wood & acc.
  • All kits are complete with quality hardware and fittings (brass, cast iron, ceramic, copper) needed for completion.
  • All models are faithful historical reproductions.
  • Detailed building instructions are included with every kit.
  • Only top-quality woods are used in Constructo and Artesania Latina kits.
  • Beginner kits have preconstructed hulls for easy assembly.
Die Cast
The famous Forces of Valor Die Cast items can be found on this Category. Find here these incredible detailed products in scales 1:32 and 1:72 and exclusive Limited Editions of 1:16 Tanks. Mostly military models despictes many epoch and scenarios during the World War II in perfect created Die Cast models.
Estes Rockets are the most comon and widely available products for your Rocket projects. We offer the complete line of these fine products on this Category.
Slot Cars

A slot car (sometimes, slotcar) is a powered miniature auto or other vehicle that is guided by a groove or slot in the track on which it runs. A pin or blade extends from the bottom of the car into the slot. Though some slot cars are used to model highway traffic on scenic layouts, the great majority are used in the competitive hobby of slot car racing or slot racing.

Acc., Tools, Miscellaneous
Special tools, helpers and material to finish or build projects. Here you may find hand tools as well as motor tools.
Here you can find some new and older Catalogs, full color. However, we recommend to browse the detailed pages as many items may not appear on Catalogs due their special status or because they were produced in other year than the catalog.
Batteries & Chargers
Batteries NiMH and LiPo from 200 Mah till 8000 Mah, voltages from 1.2 Volts up to 24 Volts can be found here as well as the chargers for them.
LiPo chargers and balancers wall and car inputs or both.

PLEASE NOTE Manufacturer precautions and warnings about use and charge of Batteries, specially LiPo that can explode or melt, in or out the charger or on the device if not follow carefully the instructions on them or on Manuals of your product.

Warranties do not apply to any battery of any kind for any reason, sorry, we had too many people damaging batteries and then claiming haven done anything, Oh yeah....but they forgot to unplug them from the charger all night...

Rechargeable batteries require special attention and all have a maximum time for recharge. Exeding the max time can result on damages, fire or explosion of batteries. Never leave a battery unattended.


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