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Marklin trains, HO Z and 1 gauge

Trix Trains in HO scale, made by Marklin in DC 2 rail

Minitrix Trains in N scale Trix minitrix

Bachmann model trains, starter sets, locomotives and rolling stock all can be found here


Kyosho radio controled products

Tamiya complete line of products in plastic, radio control and accessories and paints.

Vollmer model structures and buildings in HO and N gauge as well as Z gauge for Marklin Trains

Faller model buildings and estructures in HO N and Z gauge. For dioramas and layouts.

POLA a subsidiary of Faller GmbH manufactures G scale structures

Preiser figures and models finely hand painted in scales from 1.22 to 1.220

Viessmann catenary, lighting and signals and accessories are just the best and cheapest. 100% Marklin compatible. Digital for DCC and Motorola

Kibri Manufacturer of buildings and structures, cars, cranes, moving vehicles and many other stuff

Traxxas radio control cars and trucks, Revo, T-maxx and S-maxx available .

When wood models is the issue, nobody makes better kits than Artesania Latina. You must try these and enjoy the results

Revell from Germany and also Monogram-Revell, the most populat Brand in teh World

Hasegawa models of first class quality, large selection of airplanes

Italery Italian manufacturer of plastic models exclusive models and OEM for Tamiya

trumpeter large scale models of warships including scales up to 1:200

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Product ID: FA222108
Manufacturer: Faller
ISBN: 4104090221089
Faller 222108 Branch line Engine Shed w block post Set
NEW ITEM NOT RELEASED YET. Taking pre-orders now. Click picture for details
Faller 222108 Branch line Engine Shed w block post Set
Price: Please call 305-279-8033 for your price.
Product ID: FA222117
Manufacturer: Faller
ISBN: 4104090021177
Faller 222117 Freight house
With loading ramps on either side and many additional details inclu­d­ing cable drums, stacks of ties, telephone, buffers, crates and sacks.
Price: $17.99
Product ID: FA222131
Manufacturer: Faller
ISBN: 4104090021313
Faller 222131 2 oil storage tanks

2 oil storage tanks with ladderway and catwalk.
Stickers of various oil companies.

Price: $20.34
Product ID: FA222133
Manufacturer: Faller
ISBN: 4104090221331
Faller 222133 Gantry crane
Timber construction as it is some­times still used at small railway stations.
Price: $11.78
Product ID: FA222134
Manufacturer: Faller
ISBN: 4104090021344
Faller 222134 Freight shed
With a free loading platform, 6 movable building doors and accessories.
Several buildings can be built in tandem or side by side.
Price: $41.16
Product ID: FA222137
Manufacturer: Faller
ISBN: 4104090021375
Faller 222137 Coaling station
Authentic reproduction complete with bunker, hopper, gantry crane (like 222198) and coal. Clear height: 40 mm
Price: $56.71
Product ID: FA222138
Manufacturer: Faller
ISBN: 4104090021382
Faller 222138 Water standpipe loading gauge Locomotive tube cleaner
A kit to complement the servicing area consisting of loading gauge, water spout, a stationary pipe­blasting frame.
Price: $12.83
Product ID: FA222139
Manufacturer: Faller
ISBN: 4104090021399
Faller 222139 4 water cranes
These delicate water cranes with rotary upper parts feature external heating equipment. Gully grates are also included.
Price: $9.94
Product ID: FA222143
Manufacturer: Faller
ISBN: 4104090021436
Faller 222143 Haltingen water tower

With spherical tank and filigree steel girder construction.

Price: $20.64
Product ID: FA222145
Manufacturer: Faller
ISBN: 4104090221454
Faller 222145 SUssenbrunn water tower
A very attractive structure made from original plans.
Price: $18.84
Product ID: FA222146
Manufacturer: Faller
ISBN: 4104090021467
Faller 222146 Sand house
A model set for the steam depot.
Price: $22.50
Product ID: FA222147
Manufacturer: Faller
ISBN: 4104090221478
Faller 222147 2 inspection pits
With 2 rails moulded on.
Price: $17.80
Product ID: FA222148
Manufacturer: Faller
ISBN: 4104090221485
Faller 222148 Coal-tipping platform
IN STOCK. (Limited quantity available. This is a Discontinued item.)
The coal is delivered on the elev­­ated loading track and transferred by chutes directly into the tender of the engine below.
Price: $23.04
Product ID: FA222149
Manufacturer: Faller
ISBN: 4104090221492
Faller 222149 Cinder removing facility
IN STOCK. (Limited quantity available. This is a Discontinued item.)
That kit includes a gantry crane, 2 heated swivel water spouts (DB NW 200), 2 slag hoppers, the ground plate with slag pit and a bucket.
Price: $28.45
Product ID: FA222150
Manufacturer: Faller
ISBN: 4104090021504
Faller 222150 Water tower
With different accessories.
Price: $17.04
Product ID: FA222154
Manufacturer: Faller
ISBN: 4104090221546
Faller 222154 Coaling station
With manually movable loading crane and tender. For small service areas.
Price: $20.61
Product ID: FA222179
Manufacturer: Faller
ISBN: 4104090221799
Faller 222179 Loading ramp with crane
IN STOCK. (Limited quantity available. This is a Discontinued item.)
Drive-up loading ramp with load­ing crane. Ideal for the transfer of goods in the railway area.
Price: $17.56
Product ID: FA222180
Manufacturer: Faller
ISBN: 4104090221805
Faller 222180 Freight depot with crane
Freight depot with roofed ramps on both sides and movable gates. A large, turnable crane is located on the end of the loading ramp.
Price: $34.33
Product ID: FA222193
Manufacturer: Faller
ISBN: 4104090221935
Faller 222193 Freight shed
Made of wood, with loading ramp and lateral ramp for vehicles
Price: $16.65
Product ID: FA222194
Manufacturer: Faller
ISBN: 4104090221942
Faller 222194 Oil tank
Surface supply tank with petrol pump and filling hose. Now, every small company can provide its vehicles with diesel oil.
Price: $15.16
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