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HO Light Signals
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Some of the most important uses of Light signals are explained on this page graphics. (links will open a new page out of our web site. When finish, just close that window and you will be here again)

Below the graphics, please find our database and pictures of the Model Light Signals from Viessmann.

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Hp- Ein- oder Ausfahrsignal * Hp-Blocksignal * Hp-Kompaktsignalschirm * Hp-Hauptsignal, ält. Bauart * Hl-Signal *
Variants of West German (DB) Hp home signals East German (DR) Hl signal
Ks-Signal mit Zusatzanzeigern * Hp-Vorsignal * Hp-Kompaktsignalschirm * Abdrücksignal Gleissperrsignal
Ks signal DB Hp distant signals Humpyard signal line-close signal
Sv-Signal * Überwachungssignal Überwachungssignal Überwachungssignal für Rückfallweiche EZMG-Signalschirm
Sv signal at some urban railways Level crossing signals DB and DR DR signal for spring-loaded points Hl signal with EZMG heads

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Viessmann 4001 Viessmann 4002
Viessmann 4003 Viessmann 4004
Viessmann 4005 Viessmann 4010
Viessmann 4011 Viessmann 4012
Viessmann 4013 Viessmann 4014
Viessmann 4015 Viessmann 4016
Viessmann 4017 Viessmann 4018
Viessmann 4020 Viessmann 4021
Viessmann 4022 Viessmann 4027
Viessmann 4028 Viessmann 4030
Please note that these same signals also exist Digital with decoders incorporated on them. To see Digital Signals, please look on the general database for Viessmann HO Signals HERE