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HO Arm/Disk Signals
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Viessmann Arm Signals and Disk Advanced signals for HO.


Hp 1 Hp 2 Hp 0 Vr 1 Vr 2 Vr 0
Hp 1 Hp 2 Hp 0 Vr 1 Vr 2 Vr 0
Hp 1 (Rückseite) Hp 2 (Rückseite) Hp 0 (Rückseite) Vr (Rückseite)
Rear aspects Rear aspect
Vr 1 Vr 2 Vr 0 Vr 2(DR)
Vr 1: expect clear Vr 2: expect slow Vr 0: caution (expect stop) Vr 2 (DR variant)

(above images taken from the web site of Wolfgang Meyenberg )


Viessmann 4500 Viessmann 4501
Viessmann 4502 Viessmann 4505
Viessmann 4506 Viessmann 4507
Viessmann 4508 Viessmann 4509
Viessmann 4510 Viessmann 4511
Viessmann 4512 Viessmann 4513
Viessmann 4514 Viessmann 4515
Viessmann 4516 Viessmann 4517
Viessmann 4518 Viessmann 4519
Viessmann 4520 Viessmann 4521
Viessmann 4530 Viessmann 4531
Viessmann 4532 Viessmann 4550
Viessmann 4551 Viessmann 4600
Viessmann 4601 Viessmann 4609
Viessmann 4610 Viessmann 4617
Please note that these same signals also exist Digital with decoders incorporated on them. To see Digital Signals, please look on the general database for Viessmann HO Signals HERE