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Semaphore signals (under-board installation)

Who doesn't know them, the red and white or amber semaphore arms noisily rattling into position? Those "mathusalem" of signaling technique are still used today - even on lines with ICE traffic.

With these functional and finely detailed signals Viessmann has established a standard not met by others.

The highlights:

  • arms move at prototypical speed;

  • brass masts produced in photo etching technique, painted as the original;

  • under-baseboard compact drive fixed to signal;

  • integral train control

Of course, we have not limited ourselves to a few basic types: besides the DR and DB types you will find Bavarian, Austrian and Swiss signals.

Next to all these finer points we have not forgotten about the price. You will be surprised about the value you get for your money.

Viessmann semaphore signals -the originals!

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Distant- and main signals

Our distant signals are like their prototypes of the real railways: electrical contacts assure prototypical braking of the train whenever the aspect "stop at main signal" (VrO) is shown. Thus the train starts braking when it passes the distant signal. For realistic slow movement (VR) all you need is the resistor 5216 reducing the track voltage.

Of course, all semaphore signals have the appropriate symbols printed on disks and arms (no adhesive stickers)

and prototypical slow moving arms, covers and disks.

  • All semaphore signals feature finely detailed metal masts maintenance free LED lighting

  • long life lamps at distant and stop signals

  • prototypical slow movement

  • under-baseboard compact drive


Viessmann 4509 advanced signal

Viessmann 4509

Semaphore Distant Signal moveable disk height: 51 mm

Viessmann 4510 advanced signal

Viessmann 4510

Semaphore Distant Signal fixed disk, movable arm, height: 51 mm

Viessmann semaphore signals

prototypical slow movement of the signal arms

finely detailed metal masts

under-baseboard compact drive

integrated train control

suitable for all conventional and digital systems.

easy mounting, easy connection

no special transfo or relays for normal connection necessary

End-off switch controlled by DC current

One-arm semaphore main signals


Double-arm semaphore main signals, with coupled arms

(HpO and Hp2) and separate arms (HpO, Hpl and Hp2)


Viessmann 4511 advanced signal

Viessmann 4511

Semaphore Distant Signal movable disk and arm, with two compact, under-baseboard drive units height: 51 mm

Viessmann 4500 Home signal

Viessmann 4500

Semaphore Home Signal with one arm height: 103 mm

Viessmann 4501 Home signal

Viessmann 4501

Semaphore Home Signal with two coupled arms height: 103 mm

Viessmann 4502 and 4503 Home signal

Viessmann 4502

Semaphore Home Signal with two uncoupled wings, two compact, under-baseboard drive units height: 103 mm


Viessmann 4503

Semaphore Home Signal function like 4502, but with slow-drive function (incl resistor 5216). Two uncoupled wings. with two under-baseboard drive units.

Main and stop signals with slim mast

Construction types of stop signals

The prototype uses various forms of stop signals. While the stop signal # 451 7 represents the version with a flange base, usually placed on its own next to the track, the stop signal # 4515 is the shorter, regular type.

The mini signal without mast # 4516 is used under for a track spacing of less than 4.5 m. You often find those stop signals in combination with a semaphore signal at exit tracks.

Viessmann 4530 Home signal

Viessmann 4530

Semaphore Home Signal with one arm height: 103 mm

Viessmann 4531 Home signal

Viessmann 4531

Semaphore Home Signal two coupled arms height: 103 mm

Viessmann 4532 Home signal

Viessmann 4532

Semaphore Home Signal two uncoupled arms, two under-baseboard drive units height: 103 mm

Viessmann 4516 yard signal

Viessmann 4516

Semaphore Stop Signal lower type movable banner arm and lit, compact, under-baseboard drive unit Height 15 mm


Viessmann 4515 yard signal

Viessmann 4515

Semaphore Stop Signal with ground socket movable banner arm and lit, compact, under-baseboard drive unit height: 55 mm

Viessmann 4517 yard signal

Viessmann 4517

Semaphore Stop Signal with flange socket movable banner arm and lit, compact, under-baseboard drive unit height: 65 mm

Viessmann 4519 signal

Viessmann 4519

Waiting Signal Ra11 with a lamp, maintenance-free LED's height: 65 mm


Bavarian signals

DB signals with semaphore arms of the Bavarian state Railways- Also without idle / stop aspect?

The Bavarian semaphore signals were taken over by the DB and only partly equipped with new signal arms.

The Bavarian signal aspect "no train traffic on this track" ("HpRu" - arm points downwards, 1 blue light) has been cancelled. Therefore Viessmann signals don't have "idle I stop" functions. The signal aspect "stop for shunting movements" on these signals has to be replaced by separate stop signals (# 451 5) that are placed in front of the main exit signals.

When using Bavarian signals as exit signals the aspect 'proceed slowly" has to be indicated by appropriate stickers (Lf4) mounted on the signal mast.

Viessmann 4505 signal

Viessmann 4505

Semaphore Home Signal lattice post with one arm, compact, under-baseboard drive unit height 103 mm

Viessmann 4507 signal

Viessmann 4507

Semaphore Home Signal metal runged post, with one arm, compact, under-baseboard drive unit height: 103 mm

Swiss signals

In the year 1886

semaphore signals were first described in the Swiss signal rulebook. Our signals are models of newer types, but, as you can see, they have a long tradition.

In Switzerland there has been an early standardization of the signal regulations according to the signal standardization of 1947 of the "Swiss Railways". The prototypes of our signals were used by the SBB and private railways and can be found until recent times

Viessmann 4520 signal

Viessmann 4520

Semaphore SBB metal rungep post, with one arm. compact, under-baseboard drive unit height: 103 mm

Vierssmann 4521 signal

Viessmann 4521

 Semaphore SBB metal rungep post,  with two arms. compact, under-baseboard drive unit height: 103 mm

Semaphore main signal with one arm (4500) with distant semaphore (4509)

The semaphore with one arm shows the aspects 'proceed" (Hpl) and "stop" (HpO) and is used, if the train is allowed to pass the "proceed"-showing signal without braking.

This semaphore is used as block semaphore or as a starter signal on a straight track in the station.

Semaphore main signal with two coupled arms (4501) and semaphore distant signal (4510)

The double-arm signal shows the aspects "slow ahead" (Hp2) and "Stop" (HpO). It is used as exit signal in yards when departure is only possible via a diverging route.

Semaphore main signal with two uncoupled arms (4502) with distant signal (4511)

This semaphore is able to show the aspects "proceed" (Hpl ), "proceed slowly" (Hp2) and "stop" (HpO). Mostly it is used as an entry semaphore in stations before a junction,

where it is possible to proceed either straight ahead or onto a branch line.


Viessmann semaphore signals - easy installation





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