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Marklin trains, HO Z and 1 gauge

Trix Trains in HO scale, made by Marklin in DC 2 rail

Minitrix Trains in N scale Trix minitrix

Roco European Model Trains in HO scale, the best in AC and DC plus DCC available

Bachmann model trains, starter sets, locomotives and rolling stock all can be found here

Kato model trains in HO and N scales for the American style modeler


Whalters main line, Proto-2000, Cornerstone and many more here

Vollmer model structures and buildings in HO and N gauge as well as Z gauge for Marklin Trains

Faller model buildings and estructures in HO N and Z gauge. For dioramas and layouts.

Kibri Manufacturer of buildings and structures, cars, cranes, moving vehicles and many other stuff

POLA a subsidiary of Faller GmbH manufactures G scale structures

Noch figures and accessories for your layout

Preiser figures and models finely hand painted in scales from 1.22 to 1.220

Viessmann catenary, lighting and signals and accessories are just the best and cheapest. 100% Marklin compatible. Digital for DCC and Motorola

When wood models is the issue, nobody makes better kits than Artesania Latina. You must try these and enjoy the results

Revell from Germany and also Monogram-Revell, the most populat Brand in teh World

Hasegawa models of first class quality, large selection of airplanes

Italery Italian manufacturer of plastic models exclusive models and OEM for Tamiya

trumpeter large scale models of warships including scales up to 1:200

Bandai Gundam Model kits

Tamiya complete line of products in plastic, radio control and accessories and paints.

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Due the immense increase on Credit Card Fraud and Identity Theft we are facing these days, we are forced to take measures not only to protect our selves but to protect our own Customers against this problem.

If we receive a “NO MATCH” from Visa/Master on your shipping address, and this is your first order with us, we have to take some measures to verify nobody is using a credit card number stolen or fraudulently.

You must understand these measures are taken in your own protection and to save you of future problems if anyone has stolen your credit card or your credit card number and is trying to place an order with us committing fraud with your card.

Even when your Bank issuer has told you that you are only responsible for the first $ 50.00, this is not always true; in fact, it is not true at all.

What Credit Card issuers do not tell you is that Businesses have the right to prosecute any card holder until the maximum extent the Law allows for charge backs originated with credit cards that belong to a particular card holder. This does not mean in any way you are guilty or will have to pay the total amount, but it is a procedure taken to cover Businesses against heavy loses and be able to claim Insurance against Fraud.

It is up to the Cardholder to proof LEGALLY he/she has not used the Credit Card in question to purchase goods and services and reported, fraudulently, he has lost or his car has been stolen.

What the Bank issuer tells you is true from their side, they will make you responsible up to $ 50.00 but this does not mean you are not responsible for the charge if proven in Court you did it fraudulently.

Unfortunately, it will cost you money and time, as you will need to appear in Court and maybe, depending on the amount, even hire a Lawyer.

To avoid all these problems, WE VERIFY EACH CREDIT CARD TRANSACTION.


1. - They get your credit card number, expiration date and V-code from any Voucher you sign in Restaurants or other large Businesses, but mostly in Bars and Restaurants, where you give the card and the waitress or waiter takes it to print the voucher, but in reality, they write down the complete number, expiration date and V-code for use as soon as you depart.

2. - By copying the Credit Card with a hand device that in reality is a magnetic reader that copies all the information on the magnetic strip of the card and then, they pass this information to a fake blank card that is a perfect duplicate of your own.

3. - Buy stealing the physically the card

5. - By stealing Mail from not only your Mail Box.

6. - By looking at your trash for copies of old Statements, Bank letters, Credit Card offers and even those “convenient” credit card checks you get on the mail never solicited by you and that by the way, IF ONE OF THOSE CHECKS ARE USED TO PAY A PURCHASE, you are in deep troubles as those checks are very hard to proof you did not signed, voluntarily, with a fake signature and reported you never did the charge. DESTROY in confetti those checks you receive on the mail, those are the most dangerous of all.

7. - The thieves start right away to place orders via Internet of phone to places where they can get products easy to sell and where they know it will be not too much check out of the identity and validity of the order placed, or to small businesses that for lack of sales, take the risk of accepting any sale and they just ship. Normally these order are requested to be shipped NEXT DAY without any care on cost of freight and normally are for big value items and in quantities of more than one.

At Micro Macro Mundo Inc. there are many factors that raise the flag when an order can be fraudulent. For obvious reasons we can not explain what reasons are those, but we have cached in the last 10 years more than 600 credit card attempts to commit fraud, that have resulted in some convictions and many arrests.


1. - We do not ship to third parties or other addresses than the Billing address as it appears on the credit card statement to first time buyers.

2. - We must establish a relationship before we can ship to other address than billing addresses or you must have that address registered on your credit card as a valid "SHIP TO" address.

3.- If you need to be shipped to any other address than the billing address and this is your first time here, if you do not have it registered on your Bank and we can't get the confirmation, we regret we will have to cancel your order and not ship.

4. - We may request you to verify your self by answering a question regarding the charges we have done on your credit card that only you and your Bank know. For example: We can make 2 charges for the total of your order with 2 different amounts that add up to the total of it. You will need to call your Bank and ask them how much those charges were. The Bank will at that time, ask questions that only you know, such as the middle name of your Mother or your last 4 digits of your Social Security or your Password or the name of your Pet or whatever the Bank has agreed with you for identity verification.
No thieve knows this information and not even us can get this information, so only legal owners will get trough and get the answer to the question of the charges.

By answering how much were the charges, we can mach those values with the charges we did and if it matches, then is no doubt you are who you say you are and we will ship immediately.

This is a system adopted each day by more and more Internet sites such as eBay, PayPal, Amazon.com and alike.

We ask you, if needed, to participate with us in this process of identification that ultimately will benefit you. This is a one time process and ONLY if your shipping address does not match against the address registered with your Credit Card issuer.

OVERSEAS CUSTOMERS can only be shipped to their "billing addresses" if they pay by Credit Card and must provide in our order form the Bank Name and Phone to verify their address. If you can not do this or still want to be shipped somewhere else, you must pay ONLY via transfer by Western Union. We can not accept credit cards from overseas any longer that are not being shipped to their Billing Addresses.

We do not ship under any circumstance to Indonesia if paid by Credit Card. IP address is also verified.

Micro Macro Mundo Inc., as one of the Companies that have signed to denounce and prosecute Mail, Phone  and Internet Fraud with the following Agencies:

United States Postal Inspection Service
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL)
The U.S. Department of Justice Attorney General
Internet Fraud Complaint Center
The National White Collar Crime Center

We will submit ALL fraudulent Credit Card orders and we will prosecute, to the maximum extent of the Law, any attempt to commit fraud using the Internet, phone or the mail.

If you have an honest intention to place an order using a credit card that is not yours, please DO NOT DO IT using your name but the Name on the credit card. Please check our "Conditions of Sale" or e-mail us if you have doubts or require assistance using overseas credit cards.

If you are a victim of fraud or you know anyone committing fraud, we encourage you to denounce him/her to the proper authorities using any of the links below, and you will help us to eradicate this cancer that hurts us all.

For more information, you can contact each one of the Agencies above listed by clicking on their logo.




This is a copy of one page from Interpol that explains the efforts they do to eradicate credit card fraud:

Payment Cards


The Interpol General Secretariat is the center for coordinating the fight against international crime. Its activities are conducted at the request of police departments and judicial authorities of Member States.

Interpol assumed responsibility for counterfeit currency as a result of an international treaty, the 1929 Geneva Convention. The increase in attention to payment card fraud is perhaps an encouraging development in this respect.

However, there are other ways Interpol could make a contribution and the industry believes there are compelling reasons why it should. Payment cards are increasingly being used as a substitute for cash. With the growth of debit card activity and the emergence of electronic purse applications the trend is likely to increase rather than diminish. Although it is difficult to be specific about the quantity of counterfeit currency in circulation which varies considerably from country to country, its monetary value is thought to be far less than the millions of losses a year as a result of payment card counterfeiting.

The Working Party

In October 1994 the General Secretariat organized the First International Conference on Payment Card Fraud. At the end of the conference two recommendations were adopted by the participants. One of the recommendations was to set up a temporary Working Party to study the possibility of introducing a universal classification system for counterfeit payment cards.

The Working Party (with experts from Hong Kong Police, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, United States Secret Services, UK National Criminal Intelligence Service, Netherlands National Police Agency and representatives from the payment card industry) met for the first time in February 1995.

After nine meetings, the final approval was given to establishing a central database at I.P.S.G. Interpol Lyon (France) to deal with counterfeit payment cards, at the 66th General Assembly.

Agreement with the Payment Card Industry

Since the beginning of 1999 Interpol have signed an agreement with American Express, Discover Card, Europay International, MasterCard International and Visa International for close cooperation in the fight against payment fraud the next coming years.

The Classification System

The philosophy behind the system is to bring investigations in relation with each other based on technical examination of counterfeit payment cards. The system established relationships between cards from the same card program who have a different lay out but it also established relationships between cards from different card programs.

The computer based system will be fully searchable for both forensic characteristics and non forensic (intelligence) information. This allows maximum usage of the information in the database. Investigators can search the database for intelligence information; such as the card name, card program, issuer etc. The specialist can search the database for this information as well as the forensic characteristics.

The classification system is since the 1st August 1999 operational on Interpol’s (secured) home page. Access is only possible for law enforcement and those who work on a daily basis on fraud in the payment card industry. Access is only possible with an user name and password provided by Interpol S.G.

The future

Security documents (like ID cards, driving licenses) will change from "paper into plastic". In view of the fast rate of technological development, cooperation between the public and private sectors is highly desirable. Interpol S.G. would like to anticipate on this developments. The project on counterfeit payment cards within Interpol is an good example about how public and private can work together in there both response to this form of organized crime.